Assaf “Jay” Cohen
  • Partner

Prior to his legal career, Assaf “Jay” Cohen was head of the Sales Division, and thereafter General Manager, of a leading international import/export conglomerate, where, being tasked with traveling and meeting intra and international customers, he garnered and honed intricate international contracting and negotiation skills. Simultaneously, Jay mastered the art of internet and social media manipulation tactics – creating a social media account having approximately a million followers.

In 2013, Jay chose to apply his business savviness to the law, and in May of 2017, he received his Juris Doctorate with honors – while earning numerous academic awards along the way. Thereafter, that same year, on November 28, 2017, he was admitted to the State Bar of California and immediately thereafter established himself as a notable solo practitioner. Upon merging together with Attorney Daneshrad, he co-founded Cohen & Daneshrad, LLP.

Jay’s passion lies in civil litigation, real estate, intellectual property, and business law matters – working with individuals, businesses, plaintiffs, and defendants. While some of his clients include multi-million dollar entities, he offers the same personal attention to all cases – because with every case, he applies unique strategies that are always narrowly tailored to achieving the goals of his clients.