Passion and dedication. That’s our oath to you. Cohen & Daneshrad, LLP prides itself on its developing reputation as mindful and aggressively spirited law firm servicing both individuals and businesses all over California.

With their own diverse backgrounds and business experiences, our attorneys’ passions for the law begin with business, real estate and intellectual property. Yet, they extend far beyond into diverse fields of law – all to help right the wrongs concerning our clients. Each client and case is different, and our attorneys consistently deliver new strategies for each in a friendly and accommodating environment. From the apparently insurmountable complex case to the multi-faceted contract, whether involving transactional, litigation or strict conflict resolution matters, Cohen & Daneshrad, LLP, is passionate and dedicated to finding your solution. Because only passion and dedication can build strong relationships. And that’s our oath to you.

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Professionalism demands the calm and unwavering ability to face and manage unanticipated and worrisome predicaments to bring a client’s case to a favorable end. Cohen & Daneshrad, LLP offers precisely this level of quality representation which one is hard pressed to find in today’s marketplace. Here, your worry is our worry – and we take your worry seriously. Passionate advocacy demands, not only a strong legal knowledge, but the courage and conviction to apply that knowledge vigorously to your case. Only real-world experience can harness that passion, and our team will bring that real-world experience to the table – all of this with a little grace and prestige. Let us worry, so you don’t have to.

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