Rising Stars Plaque for Jay Cohen
Super Lawyer Plaque for Jay Cohen
Rising Stars Plaque for David Daneshrad
Super Lawyer Plaque for David Daneshrad

Lawyers they wish they had.”

V.K., Client 

For every argument (i.e., the thesis), there is an equal and opposite argument (i.e., the anti-thesis). Knowledge and experience help reveal effective arguments and procedural maneuvers. But they are not enough. To win, one must carry and maintain an unrelenting fighting spirit, coupled with decorum and diplomacy. And when the stakes are high in litigation, our psychological stress-response is only one: “fight-not-flight.” The court is our ring. The win is yours.


We’re a firm that prides itself on accessibility. Without it, we wouldn’t be as successful as we are today.

Founding Partners

  • Assaf “Jay” Cohen, Esq.

    Assaf “Jay” Cohen, Esq.

    Jay’s passion lies in civil litigation, real estate, intellectual property, and business law matters – working with individuals, businesses, plaintiffs, and defendants.

  • David Daneshrad, Esq.

    David Daneshrad, Esq.

    David’s true passion lies in achieving the right result for his clients, whether that means protecting them in their darkest hour and stabilizing their life.