Mock Trial Showdown – Judge Michael A. Knish Presiding

On Monday January 7, 2019, Jay Cohen and David Daneshrad were summoned to attend Glendale University College of Law’s (“GUCL”) annual mock trial competition, held as part of a GUCL’s trial advocacy program, as mock jurors. The Honorable Judge Michael A. Knish, who is also the professor of the program, presided over People v. Kelmar – which was determined to become a marvelous showdown between young future attorneys. Both sides (2 students on each side) were well prepared and brought a great performance. The passion was felt right from the opening statements, through witness examination, and all the way until the closing statements. It was a close call! But, since the jury couldn’t turn in a unanimous verdict, Judge Knish – for purposes of the mock trial – found the defendant guilty, and the People won the case.

Regardless, this was a thrilling event. Back in the day, Judge Knish was the Professor for Jay Cohen and David Daneshrad, in both Contracts and Trial Advocacy. Thank you, Judge Knish, for guiding them so well. After the trial, Jay Cohen and David Daneshrad reminisced with Judge Michael A. Knish, Dean Greitzer, faculty and other former classmates, over the many funny, crazy and stressful moments of law school.

Attorney Daneshrad and Judge Knish
Attorney Cohen and Judge Knish

It was great! We’ll see you next year!